Late Start Procedures

Many times when traffic clears and the sun and snowplows get out, area roads can become much safer. If the Superintendent, or designee, believes that an extra two hours will improve conditions sufficient to hold school, then a Late Start will be announced both to the media and via an automated telephone call to all families.

• Buses will run their regular routes two hours later than normal.

• All staff will report at their regular time while still being as safe as possible. Should staff members not be able to travel, they are required to call their Building Principal or Supervisor as soon as possible.

• Parents who drop their children off on their way to work may continue to do so. Parents who would normally bring their children are asked not to deliver the children until the two hour late start time.

• There will be no hot breakfast on Late Start days but cereal, juice, etc. , will be available as usual.

• Bell schedules will be adjusted accordingly to provide time in each class and schools will dismiss at the regularly scheduled times.