Fines and Fees

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We are now offering online fines and fee payments in addition to lunch payments! 

Signing up for online payment
1. Just visit and sign up.
2. Fill out the form to create your account.
3. Select your students based on student ID (Lunch number & AR number)

For Fines and Fees

1. Any fine or fee will show up immediately when logging in to MSB, allowing you to add the balances to your cart.
2. Once your fines and fees are added to the cart, click on your cart to complete the online payment.

For Lunch Payments
1. Select the "Make a Meal Payment" button.
2. Choose the student you wish to pay toward, add the amount, and add it to your cart.
3. Once it is added to the cart, you can go back to step 2 and continue to pay toward additional students if applicable.

What you need to know:

* Payments will be processed immediately, however will not be processed until the following business day, or until the next working day for office secretaries. Be advised that during breaks, your payments will not show up until after the break.

*A small additional fee will be charged for payment via credit card or e-check.