Congratulations leaders of 4th Quarter!

6th Grade - Avery Sperling 6th Grade - Avery Sperling: Avery is the daughter of Ashley and David Sperling. She participates in volleyball and basketball. She loves to play sports. Her favorite class at OMS is science. Avery has the strength dependability and uses it at school as teachers know she will always try to do her best. Avery is fun to be around because she is a positive person and works well with everyone.
6th Grade - Michael Burgun 6th Grade - Michael Burgun: Michael is the son of Danielle and Timothy Burgun. He participates in baseball. In his free time he enjoys video games and playing outside. His favorite class at OMS is math. Michael’s strength of achiever helps him to work hard in all of his classes to do the best he can. Michael enjoys being a helpful student in class and to his peers.
London Wood - 7th Grade London Wood - 7th Grade: London is the daughter of Mae and Aaron Wood. She participates in volleyball, basketball, track and Osage Honors Club. She enjoys playing volleyball and basketball in her free time too. Her favorite class at OMS is math. London has the strength dependability and it shows as teachers know she will always take care of school work and be a great student in class. Her classmates see her as kind and caring.
7th Grade - Maddox DeGraffenreid 7th Grade - Maddox DeGraffenreid: Maddox is the son of Amanda and Bryan DeGraffenreid. He participates in soccer, band, and track, cross country, weight lifting and Osage Honors Club. He likes to be outside dribbling a soccer ball or riding a dirt bike. His favorite classes at OMS are GATES and math. Maddox has the strength of discoverer and is one who is always trying to look at things in different ways or find solutions to problems. Maddox displays a positive attitude and is a fun classmate to be around.
8th Grade - Kaylee Huynh 8th Grade - Kaylee Huynh: Kaylee is the daughter of Lang Lam and Hung Huynh. She is involved in basketball, volleyball, track, band and weight lifting. In her free time, she enjoys painting, playing her flute and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite class at OMS is math. She uses her strength of confidence to speak up in class and meet new people. She is a responsible student who is focused on her work and doing it well.
8th Grade - Trent Heidbrink 8th Grade - Trent Heidbrink: Trent is the son of Tami and Chris Heidbrink. He participates in choir at OMS. He enjoys video games and playing with his pets. His favorite class at OMS is science. He uses his strength of caring as he tries to be nice to those around them and be helpful in class. Teachers enjoy having Trent in class as he works well with others and gets things accomplished.