Congratulations OMS Leaders of the Month!

Alexa LaBrue - 6th Grade Alexa LaBrue - 6th Grade: Alexa is the daughter of Cassandra and Kyle LaBrue. She is involved in band and choir at OMS. Alexa enjoys reading, playing the piano and dancing in her spare time. Her favorite class at OMS is language arts. She uses her strength of organizer to keep track of all of her homework and papers. Alexa is known to have a positive attitude which helps her get along with those around her and teachers enjoy having her in class.
Luke Cost - 6th Grade Luke Cost - 6th Grade: Luke is the son of Michael Cost and DeAnna Jones. He is involved in 6th grade choir and does Martial Arts after school. He enjoys playing outside, swimming and just hanging out. His favorite classes are both math and language arts at OMS. He has the strength of relating and enjoys working with others in class. He is a very goal driven student who likes to achieve in class.
7th Grade - Aiden Anderson 7th Grade - Aiden Anderson: Aiden is the son of Carrie and Jeremy Anderson. He is involved in track, cross country, soccer, FCLA and band. He enjoys being outside and swimming in the lake. His favorite class at OMS is GATES. His strength of achieving shows up in everything he does at school as he sets goals and works to achieve them. He is a problem solver who enjoys helping other students and getting his work done.
7th Grade - Brynn Austin 7th Grade - Brynn Austin: Brynn is the daughter of Stacey and Seth Austin. She is a cheerleader and sings in choir. She enjoys hanging out with her friends. Brynn has the strength of achieving and works hard to get school work completed and done well. Her peers enjoy being around Brynn because she is cheerful and always has a smile on her face.
8th Grade - Emily Anstine 8th Grade - Emily Anstine: Emily is the daughter of Kirk and Stacy Anstine. She participates in dance, band and jazz band. In her free time, she spends lots of hours at dance. Her favorite class at OMS is math. Emily has the strength of presence and uses it to be a strong leader in front of the class. She is a student who always has a positive attitude and is fun to be around.
8th Grade - Joshua Davis 8th Grade - Joshua Davis: Joshua is the son of Maria and David Davis. He is involved in track, band and jazz band. Josh enjoys relaxing and talking to his friends in his spare time. His favorite class is jazz band. He uses his strength of competing because he enjoys competing with others and helping others be successful too. Josh is seen as a very kind and respectful student who strives to help those around him.