Tyler Heidbrink is planning on attending State Fair Community College to use his A+ scholarship.  At this point, he is interested in pursuing a career related to the arts and/or writing.  While in high school, Tyler was actively involved in Band.  He attended LCTC for nursing and knows he can use his CNA certification if needed.  Tyler’s hobbies include sketching characters and landscapes and he enjoys experimenting with digital art.  He would love to illustrate comic books.  His favorite class has been Biology with Mr. Squire because “The class was very interactive, interesting, and students were always moving around.  Mr. Squire made the topic interesting and he is nice!”  If Tyler could change something about the world he would change the world’s resource management, “I feel as if we are way too wasteful and take for granted all we have.”  Tyler we can not wait to see the impact you make on the world; shine your brightest and make changes!