Congratulations to the OMS March Leaders of the Month

Evan Adrian - 6th Grade Evan Adrian - 6th Grade: Evan is the son of Jennifer Adrian and Evan Adrian. He participates in soccer and the 6th grade band. He enjoys being outside and playing games when he has an opportunity. His favorite 6th grade class is computers. He has the strength of dependability which is something his teachers recognize in everything he does. His friends see him as a focused student who stays on task and is respectful to others.
Lillyan Hendley - 6th Grade Lillyan Hendley - 6th Grade: Lilly is the daughter of Kristal Hendley. She enjoys drawing when she isn’t busy in school. Her favorite class at OMS is art. Her strength of relatability shows in her daily activities at school because she is an easy person to talk to and work with. She thoroughly enjoys working with other students on their school projects.
Brady Clark - 7th Grade Brady Clark - 7th Grade: Brady is the son of Kristi and Brad Clark. He is involved in basketball, baseball, football and track and sings in the choir. When he has spare time, Brady enjoys playing video games, being outside and swimming. His favorite class at OMS is math. Brady’s strength of organizer is evident in everything he does as he loves keeping things in order and staying on task. His friends see him as a focused student who pays attention and follows instructions.
Leah Zachar - 7th Grade Leah Zachar - 7th Grade: Leah is the daughter of Daphne Bennett and Robert Zachar. She is involved in OHC and softball and is in both band and choir. She loves to play softball and draw when she has free time. Her favorite class at OMS is social studies. Leah has the strength of respectful and is known to be a student who pays attention and doesn’t cause problems in class. Leah gets along well with her classmates and is seen as a helpful peer.
Brody Spriggs - 8th Grade Brody Spriggs - 8th Grade: Brody is the son of Paulette and Michael Spriggs. He is involved in football and track at OMS. In his spare time he enjoys wake boarding and working out. His favorite class at OMS is weights. One of Brody’s strengths is competing and he uses this strength to do his best every day. He is seen as a student with a positive attitude who loves to interact with others.
Taylor Rassenfoss - 8th Grade Taylor Rassenfoss - 8th Grade: Taylor is the daughter of Ed and Kim Rassenfoss. She is involved in yearbook, cheerleading and choir. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family. Her favorite class at OMS is math. Taylor has the strength of achiever and exhibits this strength as she gets her work done and does it to the best of her ability. Taylor is a student who works well with those around her.