Caysen Kenney, School of the Osage 2021 May graduate is ready to join the adult world!  Caysen has worked at Hy-Vee throughout the pandemic and his high school years.  He has just started boat detailing, which he will do next year, with plans to save as much as he can to relocate to Tampa, Florida.  He will reunite with friends and enjoy the Florida sun.  Caysen’s hobbies include skateboarding and anything to do with music-from writing to producing to styling.  His love of music comes from his mom and she encourages his interest.  Caysen’s best memory from School of the Osage is making a Rube Goldberg in freshman science class.  “It was great that everyone in class was cheering everyone else on, wanting everyone’s project to work.”  His quote to live by is, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”  When he changed his look sophomore year he realized it is always something people notice and he wanted to express himself through his outward appearance also.  Caysen, we are proud of your perseverance and growth throughout high school.  The ‘adult’ world is gaining an inspiring, hard-working man!