Congratulations to OMS Leaders of the Month!

6th Grade - Rosie Falter 6th Grade - Rosie Falter: Rosie is the daughter of John and Kate Falter. She participates in band and student council. She enjoys playing softball, gymnastics and hanging out with her family. Her favorite classes at OMS are P.E. and math. Her strength of achiever serves her well as she gets her assignments done and doesn’t get distracted by other things. She has a positive attitude in all things, works well with other students and is a kind, helpful classmate.
6th Grade - Luke Brettschneider 6th Grade - Luke Brettschneider: Luke is the son of David and Heather Brettschneider. He is involved in band and soccer. He enjoys doing things outside and playing video games when he has time. His favorite classes at OMS are P.E. and math. Luke uses his strength of dependability to help others in class if they are struggling with an assignment. Luke is a focused and kind classmate who strives to get his homeroom done well and on time.
7th Grade - Caleb Zilz 7th Grade - Caleb Zilz: Caleb is the son of Chris and Melissa Zilz. He is a busy guy participating in football, basketball, baseball, and both choir and band. If he has free time, Caleb loves to shoot hoops, play games and he’s hooked on “The Mandalorian.” With as many activities as he is in, his strength of competing is very useful. Caleb loves to get his work done on time and be kind to others.
7th Grade - Grace Vogeler 7th Grade - Grace Vogeler: Grace is the daughter of Hailey and Brian Vogeler. She participates in band and art, which are her favorite classes at OMS too. When she has free time, Grace continues her love of art, plus playing with her dogs or talking to her friends. Grace uses her strength of relating to help around the classroom or by encouraging others to achieve. Grace is seen as a kind, respectful student who is fun to have in class or just hang out with.
8th Grade - Keegan Muntz 8th Grade - Keegan Muntz: Keegan is the daughter of Sarah Cook. He enjoys playing with his little brother and playing video games is also at the top of his list of fun things to do. His favorite class at OMS is piano class with Mr. Fulk. One of Keegan’s strengths is discoverer which he uses all the time. If he doesn’t understand something, he will always ask or go searching for the answer. Keegan is a responsible student who completes his work and gets to class on time.
8th Grade - Kendra Nolder 8th Grade - Kendra Nolder: Kendra is the daughter of Ashley Starks. She participates in band, basketball, volleyball and softball. Kendra enjoys reading, playing with dogs and cleaning. Her favorite class at OMS is pre-algebra. One of Kendra’s strengths is dependability and she exhibits it by working her hardest in class and getting her work done on time. Kendra likes to be a positive person who treats others with kindness and maybe a joke or two.