A birthright of every child is learning to ride a bike, tricycle, or a pedal-tractor, but most students could only dream of speeding up and down the sidewalk with the likes of the pedal cars presented at the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals Pedal Car Challenge. School of the Osage High School and Middle School both participated in the competition which auctions off the cars for scholarships for students going into vocational fields. Mr. Satterlee and his student engineers planned, welded, sanded, bolted, and painted the custom car from the high school to prepare for the competition. In the meantime, a team of teachers and classes, Mr. McDaniel, and Mrs. Tompkins classes collaborated on a design, pooling resources including Mrs. Tompkins classroom 3D printing capabilities. Both cars glimmered in the sunlight reflecting off their fresh coat of paint and polish awaiting judges to make their final decisions. While both cars offered fantastic design and quality, the OHS took the grand prize, which was best in show. And while not everyone gets a trophy, students from each of the classes had the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create something they will always be proud of, and possibly receive a scholarship for furthering their education. That sounds like a win to me. Great work students, and staff for this outstanding show of workmanship in the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals  Pedal Car Challenge!