Builders Club is an international student-led organization providing members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. We work to better the school, community, and self through the vehicle of service. The club has performed 800 service hours this year. Service hours are counted through volunteering as well as donating items or cash. Mobile Food Pantry ● The second Friday of every month about 20 members of our club volunteers to help load food at Osage Hills for those in need.  Hope House ● Our club has about 10 kids that have gone on four different occasions to help this organization. They have swept, organized, and done various other tasks.  UNICEF ● Students raised about $350 to help end Neonatal Tetanus in impoverished nations.  Duck Drop ● Students sold $1,000 worth of tickets for Kiwanis, our parent organization Door Greeters ● Every morning 2-4 students hold the door each morning for staff and students Recycling ● A group of 10 kids collects the recycling for our school every Thursday morning. Dogwood Animal Shelter ● We raised $300 for the animals through the sale of Wintograms. Members also donated items that they were in need of. Ronald McDonald House ● Through the sale of stylus and earbuds, our members raised $300 for this organization ● We also collected 23 pounds of pull tabs that are used by RMH for cash ○ We learned that the RMH is free to anyone who doesn’t have a Boone County address ○ 18 rooms with 4 total per room to hold up to 72 people ○ It costs $900,000 to run this facility ○ Various community

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