Congratulations OMS Leaders of the Quarter!

8th Grade - Ace O'Neill 8th Grade - Ace O'Neill: Ace is the son of Jeanette Russell and Matt O’Neill. He participates in football and track and is a member of the 8 th grade band. Ace loves to spend time gaming if he has free time. His favorite class is geometry with Mr. Happel. One of Ace’s strengths is confidence, which he uses every day in school and life. He feels this helps him keep from second guessing his choices. He likes to be a helpful classmate and friend to those around him.
8th Grade - Elizabeth Yoder 8th Grade - Elizabeth Yoder: Elizabeth is the daughter of Brad and Amy Yoder. She is a busy student participating in FCA, Builders Club, volleyball, basketball, choir and band. If she ever has free time, you will find her hanging out with her family or enjoying her hobby of painting. Her favorite subject at OMS is math. She believes her teachers recognize her strength of dependability because she turns her homework in on time and she works hard at everything she does. Elizabeth strives to treat everyone with respect and kindness and tries to help her class mates be successful.
7th Grade - Noah Klaus 7th Grade - Noah Klaus: Noah is the son of Michael and Lori Klaus. Noah loves to run and participates in cross country. Noah enjoys reading in his free time. His favorite subject is algebra. Noah’s strength of organizer is recognized by his teachers because his assignments are turned in on time and completed well. Fellow students see Noah as a focused student because he strives to achieve in the classroom every day.
7th Grade - India Arauz 7th Grade - India Araus: India is the daughter of Margo and Anthony Arauz. She participates in volleyball, wrestling and track at OMS. She is also in band and choir. India loves to spend time with her family, being outside and reading when she has an opportunity. Her favorite class at OMS is social studies. India has the strength achieving which is obvious in the way she approaches her school work and her activities. India is an outgoing, friendly student at OMS.
6th Grade - Landon Strickler 6th Grade - Landon Strickler: Landon is the son of Crystal and Matt Strickler. He enjoys playing basketball and football and going fishing when he has an opportunity. His favorite subject at OMS is math. Landon’s strength of achieving serves him well when getting school work done and making sure it is done well. Landon tries to be helpful to fellow classmates and be a respectful and kind person in everything he does.
6th Grade - Rogan Borders 6th Grade - Rogan Borders: Rogan is the daughter of Bill and Windy Borders. Rogan is involved in band and choir at OMS and enjoys playing soccer. If she has free time, she likes to draw, cook, sing and play sports. She has a hard time picking a favorite class, but art, math and Spanish are at the top of her list. Her strength of dependability helps her in school to get her work done well and turned in on time. Rogan tries to be a kind, funny and relatable friend to those around her.