Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community- 
Besides getting schools open, we have also continued to work on understanding how the spring school closure impacted students' learning. As you might expect, some students went backwards, and some progressed. Some students stayed in exactly the same spot over the entire time frame. (However, given that students have gained a year in school, staying on last year’s reading level is also a type regression.). Our team has created a detailed plan to address this situation through targeted individualized tutoring. I highly recommend that you use this Monday’s parent/teacher conferences to check in with your students’ teachers to learn more about whether or not this tutoring program might be a good fit.

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are Monday, October 26 from 11 am - 7 pm, click here to sign up for Zoom meetings with your student(s) teacher(s). If you are having trouble signing up for conferences, you can always contact your student’s building and they can assist you. Or after opening up the Parent Teacher Conference Sign-up, you might want to “Request Desktop Website”. On an iOS device you will tap the AA in the search bar to select that feature. 
  • Every fall around this time, we send out a Parent Survey. Be on the lookout for the link which will come from your student(s)’ school(s). You will also have another opportunity to provide feedback during the first week of February when we send out the Winter Parent Survey. 
  • Please note that Monday, October 26 is a day off for students, and there is no Monday childcare due to parent teacher conferences. This is not a scheduled school day for students.
  • Did you know that Missouri has a graduated driver’s license law? First Impact is providing a FREE 90-minute evidence-based traffic safety program that educates parents and teen drivers about Missouri’s Graduated Driver License law. For more information click here. To connect via Zoom meeting on October 26, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., click here for instructions.
  • Thanks to everyone who either sent in or posted photos to social media their “Get out and Move” challenge pictures! Our Osage Wellness team hopes that the fresh air, sunshine, and the great outdoors helped to alleviate some stress and lighten your mood. Prizes for that challenge were donated by Cave Pumpkin Patch. If you would like to participate in the next Osage Cares challenge, next up is a pumpkin carving and decorating contest. This challenge is made possible by prizes generously donated by Stonecrest Book and Toy. Click here to learn more about it. 

Be Well.

Dr. Laura Nelson
[email protected] 
*Indian Support Hotline: 
573-552-8878 or [email protected] 
OHS- 573-348-0115
OMS- 573-552-8326
HE- 573-365-5341
Additional Community Support Resources:
Hope House Food Pantry at (573) 365-0099
Camden County Community Assistance Hotline at (573) 346-6145  
Miller County Community Assistance Hotline at (573) 692-0426

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