Congratulations September Leaders of the Month!

Chloe Arwood 8th - Chloe Arwood: Chloe is the daughter of Brian and Amber Arwood. She participates in volleyball at OMS and plans to join the golf team in high school. In her spare time she enjoys playing golf with her dad or going shopping with her mom and sister. Her favorite class at OMS is language arts. She believes her strength of dependability is recognized by her teachers as they often look to her to do things that need to be done and her classmates rely on her in the same way. Chloe tries to be a hard worker with a positive attitude who is respectful and responsible.
Dayne Depee 8th - Dayne Depee: Dayne is the son of Brent and Whitney Depee. He is very active at OMS participating in football, basketball, cross country, track and baseball. When he has free time, you can find Dayne playing basketball or video games. His favorite class at OMS is social studies. One of his strengths is relator. He uses this strength to set a good example for his fellow students which his teachers recognize and appreciate. He is a student who gets along well with just about anybody and truly is the type of student OMS recognizes as a leader of the month.
Jackson Long 6th - Jackson Long: Jackson is the son of Josh and Brianne Long. He loves to play just about any sport like football, basketball and baseball. His favorite class is PE, of course! One of his strengths is confidence and he feels it helps him with giving answers in class. As a classmate, he tries to have a positive attitude and help others if they are having a bad day or feeling down.
Marti Mesiti 6th Marti Mesiti: Marti is the daughter of Ben and Kristen Mesiti. She enjoys playing volleyball and being outside whenever possible. Her favorite class at OMS is math. One of Marti’s strengths is kindness and she tries to use that strength to help others and to be nice to everyone. Marti tries to be a goal oriented person and to work hard to achieve her goals. Both teachers and fellow students see this trait in the way she approaches everything.
Mya Mihalj 7th - Mya Mihalj: Mya is the daughter of Mark and Melissa Mihalj. She’s in the band at OMS and also dances for Releve Studio and plays the bells at her church. When Mya has free time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. Her favorite class at OMS is art. Kindness is one of Mya’s strengths and she tries to use it when helping others with things. Mya has a shining personality and positive attitude. She strives to do well on her school work and makes sure not to have any missing assignments.
Nathan Groll 7th - Nathan Groll: Nathan is the son of Shannon and Jeremiah Groll. He participates in football and STUCO at OMS. Nathan loves to play video games, so if he has free time, that’s where you will find him. His favorite class at OMS is social studies. One of Nathan’s strengths is caring and he tries to think of others first in his daily life. Nathan tries to be helpful when his peers are struggling and this makes me both a great student and a good friend.