Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community- 
It is hard to believe we are in our 4th week of school. While other communities are still debating what to do and how to do it, we have moved on to analyzing how we can work on keeping the Homecoming festivities as normal as possible. More news on that in the coming weeks! For now, we’d love to know what you think is working and what you think we can improve if possible. Click here to share your thoughts. Your feedback is important and will help us continue to make adjustments in efforts to serve you and your family. 

  • Now that we are two distance learning Mondays into it, we are considering fine-tuning the way we are staffing our childcare program which has been utilized each Monday by 114 students. We have staffed it for the 279 students who are signed up for it and believe after next week we will be able to reduce this level of staffing if the attendance continues to be at the same level. Please reach out to Mrs. Kim Edwards ([email protected]) if you have questions. 
  • It is also timely to remind you that we are focused not only on academic growth- but also on the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our students.  Please reach out to any of our building counselors if you have concerns about your child.  Additionally, you may report safety concerns via our Be Safe button on our website here.  School of the Osage prohibits all forms of bullying.  For information on our bullying investigation procedures and policies, click here. Also click here for an opportunity from Lake Regional for parents to learn more about mental health.
  • Starting next week Osage students in grades 5-12 will have the opportunity to participate in a brief, 22-item survey. The Gallup Student Poll includes the following themes: Engagement, Hope, Belonging, and Social & Emotional Learning. This survey is anonymous and voluntary. That means Gallup cannot identify your student, and your student’s individual responses will not be shared with anyone. Only grade-level and school-level information will be shared with our school district. Please visit the Gallup Student Poll ( to view the survey items and learn more. We have been administering this survey for the past several years, and it is directly connected to our focus on student and staff strengths, one of our core values. 

I sincerely thank you for all you are doing to help us keep school buildings open. Our Covid-19 dashboard reflects a better situation this week than last. Of course, this can change on short notice- but I am pleased that we are down from last week instead of up! 
Each day of learning is a true gift and only possible when we all work together. 

Be Well.

Dr. Laura Nelson
[email protected] 
*Indian Support Hotline: 
573-552-8878 or [email protected] 
OHS- 573-348-0115
OMS- 573-552-8326
HE- 573-365-5341
Additional Community Support Resources:
Hope House Food Pantry at (573) 365-0099
Camden County Community Assistance Hotline at (573) 346-6145  
Miller County Community Assistance Hotline at (573) 692-0426