3 ways to stay connected with soto

3 Ways to Stay Connected with SOTO
Posted on 12/05/2017
If you have several students spread across several schools, we know 
how challenging it can be to keep up with all of the activities and obligations. Looking at District CalendarSometimes it can make your head spin and wonder what you have missed. From feedback we have received from parents, we know this is a concern. We've been working on building some solutions for this problem for a while now, and we're excited to unveil the results of those efforts. 

1. Download the SOTO App
SOTO AppIf you haven't seen it yet, if you have an iOS or Android smartphone, you may want to download the latest School of the Osage App. Simply choose what schools you want to connect to and get regular feeds of news, events, lunch menus, and some helpful quick links you may find handy. You can find the app by searching for School of the Osage on the iOS app store or Google Play Store. 

2. Subscribe to district and school calendars
If you are an avid user of the native calendars on iOS and Android, or even desktop environments, check out one of the features we have built into our website. Look for the Subscribe button next to calendars Subscribe to this Calendarwe have throughout our website. By clicking this link, you will be asked if you would like to subscribe to the calendar. 

What does subscribing do?
Subscribing to our calendars take each of our individual calendars, and drops it in your native or default calendar application. It's also outputs the calendars separately, so that if you want a high school lunch calendar and the basketball schedule, you can subscribe to just those calendars. Some of the sports even keep a practice schedule on their activities website. 

3. Social Media Channels

We have several social media channels to help keep you current on happenings at School of the Osage. We've compiled a complete directory of Social Media services found here. Feel free to browse through and follow any of the feeds available.Social Media