The Osage Band students traveled to Versailles this past weekend and did a great job representing our school at the Tri County Music Festival.  Here were the results:

Receiving Exemplary Ratings: 

  • Osage Wind Ensemble
  • Meghan Milligan- Trumpet Solo
  • Jeremiah Haile- Trumpet Solo
  • Jaysen Groll- Trumpet Solo
  • Nolan Terwilliger- Tuba Solo
  • Josh Davis- Alto Saxophone Solo
  • Kaylee Huynh- Flute Solo
  • Kylee Burgun- Clarinet Solo
  • Osage Flute Trio- Haley Neal, Anna Shults, and Sara Bonney
  • Osage Flute Quartet- Kaylee Huynh, Brooke Strickler, Asher Adkins, and Hannah Buechter
  • Osage Clarinet Quartet A- Kylee Burgun, Zander Davis, Emily Etherton, Micahel Stipanitz
  • Osage Clarinet Quartet B- Grace Maupin, Emma Holtmeyer, William Ufheil, and Leah Zachar

Receiving Outstanding Ratings:

  • Osage Symphonic Band
  • McCartney Armstrong- Timpani Solo
  • Asher Vogeler- Trombone Solo
  • Keslynn Burch- Trombone Solo
  • Olivia Jeffries- Bari Sax Solo
  • India Arauz- Tenor Sax Solo
  • Kaitlyn Jones- Tenor Sax Solo
  • Emma Holtmeyer- Clarinet Solo
  • Nick Joiner- Alto Sax Solo
  • Spencer Dixon- Baritone Solo
  • Gavin Black- Snare Solo
  • Hudson Stombaugh- Marimba Solo
  • Gio McKenna- Tuba Solo
  • Osage Clarinet Trio- Kylee Burgun, Campbell Walters, and Emily Etherton
  • Osage Percussion Ensemble 8- McCartney Armstrong, Parker Wolf, Hudson Stombaugh, Grace Vogeler, Grace Holtmeyer, Natalie Jones, Nathen Groll, and Ryan Elley
  • Osage Saxophone Trio- Nick Joiner, India Arauz, and Kaitlyn Jones
  • Osage Trombone Quartet- Asher Vogeler, Keslynn Burch, Tray Slaughter, and Spencer Dixon
  • Osage Brass Quintet 2- Meghan Milligan, Lauren Adkins, Alissa Todd, Keslynn Burch, and Gio McKenna
  • Osage Horn Quartet- Emily Anstine, Hayden Westbrook, Hailey Etherton, and Sal McKenna



Alex Kauten- Timpani Solo

Osage Percussion 7- Max Cook, Elizabeth Yoder, Hannah Etherton, Jennifer Renz, Gavin Black, Alex Kauten, and Noah Klaus


The Bands will perform at the MSHSAA State festival this Saturday March 11 at Osage High School.  The bands perform at 8:25am and 9:35am in Henderson Gymnasium.  We would love to have a great crowd.