On Saturday, Math Club traveled to Warrensburg High School for a math competition. We competed against Smith-Cotton, Warsaw, Odessa, California, and Raytown. Asher Hatfield and Kaden Langelier made up our freshmen team. Maci Hanneken and Samuel Dempsey made up our senior team. 

Algebra Simplify- 4th place Asher 

Complex Numbers - 5th place Maci, 4th place Samuel 

Geometry 9 - 3rd place Asher

Geometry 12 - 5th place Samuel

Trigonometry - 5th place Maci

Physical Science - 5th place Kaden

Physics - 5th place Maci

Algebra 12 - 4th place Maci

Advanced Topics - 2nd place Maci

Freshmen Team - 4th place Asher & Kaden

Senior Team - 3rd place Samuel & Maci

Top Freshman - 5th place Asher

Top Senior - 5th place Maci