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COMC Health Clinic is located at the Old Fieldhouse on the high school campus.  Hours are 7:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. (M-Fr.) Students must fill out the COMC consent forms to receive services. If you have questions or need information about the services provided, you can call the clinic at: (573) 552-8852 or (573) 348-0115 ext. 4501. The COMC Health Clinic is an OPTIONAL service provided by COMC and School of the Osage. 

COMC Flyers

Where is the clinic located?
The old high school field house
What days/times is the clinic open?
Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
How can I schedule an appointment?
Call the clinic: 573-552-8852 or 573-348-0115 ext. 4501 or stop by during office hours.
Are the COMC parent permission forms optional?
Where can I find the COMC parent permission form?
Parents/Guardians can stop by or call the COMC/SOTO School-Based Clinic to get a consent form and to get more information.
Is this a clinic for only SOTO students or available to other community members? Adults?
The School-Based Clinic primarily sees SOTO students/staff but will see other community members if there are appointments available. Please call the clinic if you have any questions.
Will students that need more medical attention than the school nurse can give them go straight to the clinic? Will the parents/guardian be notified first?
Parents/Guardians will always be notified before any care is given at the School-Based Clinic.
Will students be seen without parents/guardian knowledge if they want?
No, Parents/Guardians will always be notified before care is given by health clinic staff.
Will there be transportation for my elementary student to the clinic? How does it work? What are the procedures/expectations?
No transportation at this time, but clinic staff will serve students at any of the elementary buildings if permission is given and there is an open appointment slot. Parents/Guardians can also take their children directly over to the Health Clinic after they pick them up from school.
Can vaccinations be given?
Can my child receive a school physical for sports?
If I don’t have health insurance, what will the cost be?
The COMC/SOTO School Based Health Clinic uses a sliding fee for payment of services. It was included in the consent packets and you can also call the clinic if you have any questions.
If I meet my child at the clinic because of illness or injury and they will not return to school, do I need to sign them out at the school building?
They will need to be signed out at their respective building, but this can be done by a phone call as well.