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Spirit week: Greece vs Greek

Superintendent's Update for September 22nd

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   As you know if you’ve been monitoring our supplemental COVID data, the pandemic continues to pose challenges.  Masks, while optional, are encouraged for anyone who cannot socially distance. Social distancing continues to be a key component to minimizing the number of students and staff who are quarantined due to close contact with someone diagnosed with an active COVID infection. At the UE, where a recent spike in such infections was experienced, we have taken extra precautions during lunch; we have scheduled restroom breaks to… read more Read More >>

Superintendent's Update for September 8th

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   More than the first week of January, this week always feels like “the new year” to me. August is filled with preparations, festive energy, new supplies, multiple meetings, and first looks. The world pauses to celebrate the end of summer (aka Labor Day Weekend). Then we come back to the not so new (but not yet old) routines of the school year.    This week that means that we are back in the work of teaching and learning during COVID times. Our COVID dashboard continues to be updated each Tuesday. Please remember that one of the most… read more Read More >>

Superintendent’s Update for September 1st

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   Congratulations on the successful completion of the first week of this new school year. By most accounts, it was a strong start. Looking forward, we are continuing to focus on ways that we can ensure success for all students. One important area that arose from the ESSR 3 parent input survey we did a few weeks ago was the need to ensure a very strong focus on student mental health and social/emotional wellness. Accordingly, we have invested in a data system (Panorama) to monitor the information; and we are forming a committee made… read more Read More >>

Superintendent's Update for August 25th

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   As you might remember, I started sending these updates during the spring of 2020 to bolster safety, minimize disruption, and ensure transparency during school closure. We have come a long way since then. Thanks to your help and the dedication of our staff, our first day of this new school year was a success. What hasn’t changed over these months is our commitment to safety and transparent communication. Yesterday, I witnessed countless examples of joy and excitement for learning in each of our five schools. Just being around this… read more Read More >>
Osage Cultivates

Superintendent's Update for August 18th

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   We are extremely excited to welcome all Osage students back to campus next week for the official kick-off of The 2021-2022 Year of Cultivation! Some people have asked why we need a theme when we already have a mission AND we also have those core values that are displayed on the feather banners that we put up on game days.     Our annual theme functions as a “real-time” lens on the mission. The idea of using the word “cultivation” is boldly led by students from the class of 2022. Cultivation, as they envision it, takes the idea of “… read more Read More >>