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Reccomended Access: 
The tech department recommends using the online version of Gmail, which can be found at Using Gmail's web version will give you access to the rich features of the platform. Once you've accessed the link above you will enter in your school email address ( followed by the password you've used to log into Google Apps. 

A full getting started guide is posted below for you to use.
Gmail - Getting Started

Syncronizing with Apple's Mail Apps:
If you prefer to synchronize gmail with your MacBook or iPad, use Apple's mail app on either device. Setting up Gmail will require that you login with your district email address ( and password. Please contact if you are not able to log in.

A full explanation of how to set up Gmail on a Mac can be found here.

A full explanation of how to set up Gmail on an iPad can be found here.

Google Calendars are another feature of the Google Apps suite. If you choose to, you can download your calendars from Outlook in a CSV and import them into your Google Calendar at

 Gmail has built-in Spam filtering, which gives you control over what messages you would like to be marked Spam. Your Spam folder is located under "More" in the left colum of email folders. 

Information on Gmail's Spam filter can be found here. Gmail Spam Filtering