1:1 iPad Information

1:1 Information

Daily Care of Your iPad Charging - You will be expected to bring the device to school charged and ready to use.

Daily Care of Your iPad

  • Charging - You will be expected to bring the device to school charged and ready to use.

  • Charging Cord and Block - Take care to pull the charging cord out of the iPad by the plastic on the plug. Pulling on the cord itself may cause the connector to separate. Damage to this cord that is deemed to be misuse may be charged to the user.

  • Device Damage and Claims - If the device is broken please submit a claim as soon as possible and return the device to your librarian for repair.

  • Device Damage -You may be charged for damages to the device at the end of the year so take care to keep it in the best shape possible, meaning free of scratches and dents

  • Device Lost - Please check all logical locations where the device might have been left and report the lost device to administrator. If the device is stolen, please file a police report to your school resource officer and inform your administrator immediately.

  • Transporting the Device - Keep the device in its case. The device is best protected when the keyboard is attached so keep the keyboard on it while transporting it.

  • Screen Protectors - You may apply a screen protector, but you will be responsible for removing it before you turn it back in at the end of the year

  • Confidentiality - You are responsible for your device and for the confidentiality of the information on it so be careful who you allow use of it.

  • Remembering Your Device - Your device has a unique asset tag on the bottom of the keyboard. We recommend that you memorize this number so that you can find your device. We also recommend that you set the background of your lock screen to something that is unique to you.

What are the expenses associated with using a school provided iPad? 

What you need to know about security and privacy on a school owned device

  • Devices are filtered on and off site and governed by our schools data governance manual and board policy.
  • Students are bound by the district acceptable use agreement for technology when using their school provided iPads or other school provided devices. This agreement is part of each building's student handbook. Condensed version can be seen here.