COVID changes:

Due to the national pandemic, mentoring is put on hold for the safety of our students and community.  According to our re-entry plan, "In order to minimize the exposure of all students and staff to others outside of their assigned small groups, non-essential visitors and parents will not be permitted beyond the main office at school buildings."   Due to our re-entry guidelines, mentors will not be allowed on campus at this time and our students will not be allowed to go on job shadowing experiences.  Stay tuned for updates to our policy.

Mentoring has moved into the students' classroom!  As juniors or seniors, School of the Osage students will take Career Mentoring.  This class incorporates strengths, career exploration, post-secondary education, and job shadowing.  Our students will reach out to community members for possible mentor opportunities.  Are you interested in helping a student?  Email Amanda Wersching, [email protected] to be put on the list.  

"Kids can never have too many people caring about them."

"Strength comes from courage, hard work, positivity, and the faith from others and in yourself!  I love this mentoring program and love my mentee!"

"I like being a positive role model, giving back to the community, and the opportunity to be present and involved."

"Having someone on your side is a very good thing."

"A great opportunity for our future and a better way to connect with the people we one day might become."

"It's nice to be able to talk to someone who has the experience in the field I want to pursue."