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Superintendent's Update for October 20th

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   We have a big week coming up in the world of school- to- home communication. As you know, strong two-way communication between the classroom and families matters tremendously. That said, as anyone who has ever played phone tag knows, sometimes it can be really difficult to pull off a great connection. We have two intentional strategies to minimize frustration and bolster these important connections.  The annual parent survey which opens today and will remain open until November 1st. This Monday's parent- teacher conferences (in… read more Read More >>
Senior Citizens Banquet

34th Annual Senior Citizens' Banquet

School of the Osage’s National Honor Society would like to invite all senior citizens to the 34th Annual Senior Citizens' Banquet on Thursday, November 18th. The evening will consist of Musical Performances by the Osage High School Jazz Band, Les Chanteurs, Girls Glee, and the Osage Upper Elementary Choralettes beginning at 4:45PM. The performances will be followed by dinner served at 6:00PM. The attendees are then invited to All Shook Up, presented by the Osage High School Drama Department at 7:00PM. Reserve your seat at the banquet by calling the Osage High School office at (573)348-0115. Read More >>

Superintendent's Update for October 13th

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   Learning is an immensely social, 24/7, enterprise composed of relationships, guidance, and support. WHAT is being learned through various social interactions run the spectrum from your dinner tables, to our classrooms, to Tik-Tok, to name just a few examples. The defining relationships within each of those examples makes a tremendous difference. And, of course, we all know that due to the prevalence of social media the boundaries between life before and after the bell are getting more fuzzy by the day.    That said, it is a good… read more Read More >>
Dr. Nelson with assistant, Lana McPheeters

Superintendent's Update for October 6th

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   The rise of social media has clearly given way to 24/7 access to entertainment- and distraction. It is more important than ever that our students are able to not only comprehend what they read but also be able to utilize reading skills to come to sound conclusions.    We have completed all of our beginning of year reading assessments. Our district goal is that 100% of students will grow at minimum one full grade level between fall and spring.  This growth looks very different for each reader, and your understanding of the unique… read more Read More >>
OHS Homecoming

Superintendent's Update for September 29th

Dear School of the Osage Students, Families, and Community-   We have a few more weeks left this quarter and are looking forward to parent-teacher conferences at the end of October. Time is flying. There have been moments so far in this school year that have been fantastic- school spirit is high and learning abounds. But we've also been navigating the COVID challenge- which has seen infections spike and then recede.    Both of these conditions raise questions: things look normal, why can’t things be entirely normal? (i.e. unrestricted visitor access during the school day). COVID looks bad:… read more Read More >>