Student Information System Registration

Registering to use SIS Student Information System for the first time:

The student information portal is a valuable resource for parents and guardians, providing acces to grade information & lunch account information. In order to better protect private student information, we require that parents and legal guardians complete the registration process as explained below. If you have completed this registration in previous years, due to changes in our software, it will be necessary to complete the registration process for our new student information web portal.


1. Complete the Student Information Portal form found here.
2, After completing step 1, visit one of the schools where your children attend school with photo id handy to verify your identity. The secretary at the school can complete the registration, giving you access to all of your children’s student information and supplying you with a user name and password.
3. Once these steps have been completed, you should be able to log in to the “Student Information” link on the left column of the homepage or follow the link here.