Boys Basketball

Date Time Opponent Location
HS Boys (Varsity) Basketball JAMBOREE @ Lebanon Nov 18 5:30 PM Tournament Lebanon
HS Boys Basketball 9/JV/V vs Cole Camp @ Osage @ 5:00 pm Nov 22 5:00 PM Cole Camp Osage
HS Boys Varsity Basketball vs Eugene Tourney
Nov 28 to Dec 03
(All day) Tournament Eugene
HS Boys Freshmen Basketball Tourney
Dec 05 to Dec 10
6:00 PM Tournament Osage
HS Boys JV/V Basketball vs Iberia @ Osage @ 6:00pm Dec 06 6:00 PM Iberia Osage
HS Boys JV/V Basketball vs Richland @ Richland @ 6:00 pm Dec 09 6:00 PM Richland Richland
HS Boys JV/V Basketball vs Dixon @ Dixon @ 6:00 pm Dec 12 6:00 PM Dixon Dixon
HS Boys Freshman Basketball vs California @ California @ 7:30pm Dec 15 7:30 PM California California
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Camdenton @ Camdenton @ 4:30 pm Dec 20 4:30 PM Camdenton Camdenton
HS Boys Varsity Basketball vs Conference Tourney
Dec 31 to Jan 07
(All day) Tournament Hallsville
HS Boys Freshman Basketball vs Rolla @ Osage @ 7:30 pm Jan 02 7:30 PM Rolla Osage
HS Boys Freshman Basketball vs Camdenton @ Camdenton @ 7:00 pm Jan 03 7:30 PM Camdenton Camdenton
HS Boys JV/V Basketball vs Buffalo @ Osage @ 6:00 pm Jan 10 6:00 PM Buffalo Osage
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball @ California @ 5:00 pm Jan 17 5:00 PM California California
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Eugene @ Osage @ 5:00 pm Jan 20 6:00 PM Eugene Osage
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Fulton @ Fulton @ 5:00 pm Jan 24 5:00 PM Fulton Fulton
HS Boys Varsity Basketball vs Eldon Tourney
Jan 26 to Jan 28
(All day) Tournament Eldon
HS Boys Freshman Basketball vs Lebanon @ Osage @ 7:30 pm Jan 26 7:30 PM Lebanon Osage
HS Boys JV/V Basketball vs Skyline Hickory County HS @ Osage @ 6:00 pm Jan 31 6:00 PM Skyline Osage
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Versailles @ Versailles @ 5:00 pm Feb 03 5:00 PM Versailles Versailles
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs SoBoCo @ Osage @ 5:00 pm Feb 07 5:00 PM Southern Boone Osage
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Warsaw @ Warsaw @ 5:00 pm Feb 10 5:00 PM Warsaw Warsaw
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Hallsville @ Hallsville @ 5:00 pm Feb 14 5:00 PM Hallsville Hallsville
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Blair Oaks @ Osage @ 5:00 pm Feb 17 5:00 PM Blair Oaks Osage
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Eldon @ Osage @ 5:00 pm Feb 21 5:00 PM Eldon Osage
HS Boys 9/JV/V Basketball vs Eldon @ Osage (Heritage) @ 5:00 pm Feb 21 5:00 PM Eldon Heritage gymnasium
HS Boys Varsity Basketball DISTRICTS
Feb 25 to Mar 02
(All day) Tournament Osage
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Kevin Schnicker

Head Coach

Coach Schnicker comes to Osage after serving 20 years and retiring from the United States Air Force. He grew up in Columbus, GA and moved here with his family from California 9 years ago. He is in his second year at Osage teaching Cardio Fitness, Weight Conditioning, and Health and also serves as an Asst. Coach for Varsity Football. Coach Schnicker holds a BS in Social Sciences from Chapman University. His wife Sonya is a 2nd grade teacher at Dogwood Elementary in Camdenton and they have two sons-Evan(22)currently living in San Diego and Donovan(20)who attends Missouri Valley College in Marshall,MO and plays basketball. The family enjoys spending their time together outdoors and playing and watching plenty of sports-especially basketball. They even named their three dogs Swish, Jersey, and Baller.

Isaiah Rhine

Freshmen Coach

Coach Rhine is in his third year coaching and teaching at Osage. He holds a BS and MA in Speech and Language Pathology from Missouri State University and is a Speech/Language Pathologist for the District. Coach Rhine brings tons of skill and practical experience to the courts having played for the MSU Bears throughout college, including the Conference Championship and post-season National Invitational Tournament in 2011. A Versailles native, Rhine has maintained ties with the community, coaching girls AAU basketball (his sister Sara is a team member) for the past two summers. His wife, Megan is a 5th grade teacher at Eldon Upper Elementary school.

Randy Hill

Assistance Coach

Coach Hill is a MSHSAA Certified Volunteer in his fifth season with the Indians. He's coached basketball in some capacity for over 2o years and brings personal experience from having played for North Arkansas Community College in Harrison, AR as well as for Missouri Baptist University. He has coached travelling teams since 1990. He holds a BS in Computer Programming and Business Administration from MO Baptist University. He and his wife, Miriam (OHS Science Teacher, XC Coach, HS Instructional Coach) have 3 children - Adam (20), Gabrielle (16), and Micah (13).

Drew Phillips

JV Coach

Coach Phillips brings six years experience in coaching boy's basketball to his position as Assistant V/JV Coach. Phillips holds a BS in education from NE MO State (Truman University) and an MS in History and Guidance from MSU. He recently retired as OMS counselor after 25 years at Osage, but continues to share his experience with sports programs by serving not only in basketball programs but as head track coach and an OMS football coach. Coach Phillips and his wife Belinda have 2 sons - Dylan (23) and Duncan (19), both Osage graduates.
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Recent News

This was a very competitive and hard fought game. Both teams played very hard throughout. The entire first half was back and forth and had several lead changes. Eldon made a basket right before halftime to stretch the lead to 3. We had a really poor start to the 3rd quarter and gave them 3 baskets and a freethrow which stretched the lead to 10 almost immediately. We then had to try and fight out of that hole for the rest of the game. We simply did not get enough defensive stops throughout the game, especially in the 3rd quarter, to give ourselves a chance to win this game. Everytime we got the lead down to 10 or 12 and we had the momentum, it seemed we would do something to hurt ourselves, like turn it over or lose a man on defense. This happened about 3 times and we were unable to close the gap because of it. Throughout the game we did do a great job of getting the ball inside and one highlight for us was James Hutchraft who finished with 27 points, 10 rebounds, and played the entire game. I was proud of how our team competed. If we were able to get a few more breaks or could have limitted a couple of our mistakes that would of helped make the game much closer at the end. Despite our struggles in games, each player on our team has really improved throughout the year. Hopefully they have learned a lot from the challenges they faced this season that will help them during the upcoming years.

Scoring: James Hutchcraft: 27, Dylan Long: 11, Logan Havner: 5, Jack Dulle: 3, Drew Edwards: 2

We got off to a slow start and we had trouble making up the defecit for the rest of the game. Besides the first quarter, we played them within a few baskets each quarter, but these small deficits lead to the final 14 point spread. We had 24 turnovers and that played a big factor in a game that could of been close without them. When we were able to get the ball on the offensive end of the court we did have some good moments, but we were unable to do that consistently enough to turn the game around.

Scoring: James Hutchraft: 15, Dylan Long: 9, Drew Edwards: 7, Logan Havner: 2, Langston Lewis: 1

The first 3 quarters we had a really hard time handling their press and taking care of the ball. This gave them easy transistion baskets. When we were able to get the ball on the offensive end of the floor we were not solid with our passes and didn't give ourselves many chances to score. We did not compete well  duing the 1st half. We came out and played with more confidence and energy in the 2nd half, but we had dug ourselves such a big hole that it made it very challenging to get back in the game. 

Scoring: Drew Edwards: 12, James Hutchcraft: 5, Cameron Heiser: 4, Dylan Long: 3, Collin Chilton: 2, Logan Havner: 2, Langston Lewis: 2, Jack Dulle: 1

We started the game off very aggressive offensively and Drake Gaines made 4-3 pointers in the 1st quarter.  We led 17-16 after the first quarter but Hallsville started making some outside shots and we were down by 9 at the half.  We talked about the adjustments we needed to make at half and played great defense in the 3rd quarter to get us back in the game, it was tied 50-50 at the end of 3rd.  The fourth quarter was back and forth with Hallsville making two big 3 pointers the last 2 mins of the game.  They made some free throws and we weren't able to get to the line or make shot down the stretch.  Our guys played extremely hard and fought the entire time even through all the adversity within the last quarter.  It was very physical and we just came up short.  

Drake Gaines     17

Keyton Knamiller  16

Zach Wheeler      13

Jason Edwards     6

Dalton Depee       4

Payton Bartlett      4

CJ Myers             2


Despite the shortended game, it was great for our guys to pick up another win. During the 1st half we did not play our best on defense and we got caught taking risks like going for steals and leaving our feet to block shots. This led to them getting a few easy lay-ups and going to the free throw line several times. We really struggled on offense also and didn't get enough high quality shots. In the 2nd half, we played much better on defense and started getting the ball inside on offense. This lead to us winning the second half 11-3. 

Scoring: James Hutchcraft: 8, Logan Havner: 5, Cameron Heiser: 5, Drew Edwards: 3